Visual Intelligence

Data Visualization, Analytics and Augmented Reality in Camden on the 25th November

An afternoon of the very best visual intelligence leadership in London.

Founders, Execs and Creative Directors present the very latest thinking in data visualisation, analytics, and design. We showcase a spectrum; from the complexities of deep learning to the latest Hololens applications.

James Rock

James Rock is co-founder of Musion Intellectual Property and The Rock Group. He is responsible for delivering the world’s best known hologram shows - with Madonna, the Gorillaz, Michael Jackson and Tupac’s posthumous appearance at The Coachella Festival. The Rock Group is currently developing a new range of glass free holographic devices that will work with standard smart phones and tablets. 

Ito World 

Ito World process complex transport data at scale. They worked with Open Street Map on Project Haiti; do heavy lifting for Google maps; and their software produces possibly the best transport visualisations in the world. The CTO, Hal Bertram, discusses his technology.

Signal Noise

Recently acquired by the Economist, Signal Noise have been specialising in data visualization since the beginning. They produce outstanding interactive work and are continually trying to make sense of an increasingly complex world through data design. The co-founder, Hem Patel, talks about their recent exploits.


Holition is a creative technology studio, specialising in emerging technology and focused on the luxury, fashion and beauty space. The CEO, Jonathan Chippindale, will talk about their latest projects and where they see the future of retail.

Valentina D'Efilippo

Valentina is an award-winning information designer and co-author of "The Infographic History of the World". Focusing on data visualisation, her work takes many forms – from theatre production and exhibitions, to editorial content and interactive platforms. She'll talk about her practice crossing the exploration and explanation of data.


The picture is the screenshot of a tool called DataRefiner, being used by a well known social network to predict features in their user behaviour. DataRefiner extracts pattern with deep learning techniques to reduce hundreds of millions of data points to zoomable, interactive pattern that just happens to look a little like a sixties psychedelic mural. The creator talks deep learning, topological data analysis and visualisation.


Kazendi does idea-to-prototype sprint development for corporates. Their current focus is on HoloLens prototyping and have recently delivered Europe's first shared Holographic experience. They'll have their gadgets running for you to try on.

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Visual Intelligence, Fri 25th November, 2-6pm. We're in the center of Camden market, around the corner of Cyber Dog and up the stairs next to the Cuban bar. Look out for banners, flyers and plenty of signs for Address: Camden Market, Camden Lock Pl, London NW1 8AF Tube: Northern Line

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