About Us

We are a specialist team building bespoke data visualisation and imaginative data science. Many companies have vaults of information which are not distilled into strategic insight; Beautiful Data fuses art and algorithms to create tools that are fast and fluid. We've a particular interest in social media data (just finished a research contract with Thomson-Reuters building automated tools to discover key influencers), but keen to discuss any project.

Beautiful Data are building the next generation of data tools. When you need non-statisticians to understand, present and make data-driven decisions, our dashboards deliver information with maximal simplicity.

1. Concepts like data clustering reduced to one-click simplicity.

2. Zoom into individual data points, with filterable, dynamic charts. Seamless zoom out.

3.Highly performant, we calibrate the dynamics of the chart based on machine performance; so we always have a maximally smooth user experience.

Our Skills

what we do and how we do it

Algorithms and Math 94%

Data Visualisation & UX 92%

Data (Big and otherwise) 82%

Imagination 100%

The Team

Dr Finn Macleod - An ex-research fellow with a PhD in probability and predictive complexity, Finn founded Beautiful Data in 2010 to capitalise on the new opportunities in Data Visualisation. He combines mathematical knowledge with a deep awareness of human interaction.

Phoebe Bright is a versatile Director of Operations who has worked in many areas, from major multinational financial institutions such as the London Stock Exchange and Chase Manhattan to small tech startups. She understands business needs and can communicate that to technical people and visa versa.